Let’s imagine: You paid $100 for a product. You received it in less than a week. After two weeks you receive an email that tells you that you got back $50. How would you feel?

Two weeks after you got the first $50, the website purchase team sends you a message that you received another $50. $100 in total, complete cashback for the full amount of your purchase on the website. How would you feel?

After 28 days you get another email telling you that $200 is waiting for you in your eWallet. How would you feel?

What do you think? Would anyone want to buy in that store?

Do you know any suppliers who have a good product, who can deliver it in a week or less, whose service is reliable and you think should be a vendor in this platform? (By recommending them, you will earn 2% from their sales via this platform).

Let's look through the eyes of the buyer.

Imagine that every product you buy arrived to you in less than a week, would you continue buying?

What if for every purchase you made of $100 you received $50, $100 or even $200. Would you buy more?

Would everyone want to buy in a shop like this?

Do you think that a Money Back Guarantee is a good policy?

In this shop, the first who buys a product, is the first to get cashback.
Would you buy now, or wait 28 days?

Click Send. The person that sent you this link must really love you. So call him now and thank him. 
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